Kwes Reveals Debut LP 'ilp'

Kwes Reveals Debut LP 'ilp'
Last year, UK pop experimenter Kwes issued his Warp Records EP Meantime, and has now revealed he'll deliver a full-length follow-up called ilp on October 15.

Details on the creation of the LP are slim, but the 10-song set (or nine on the LP) includes Kwes' s "rollerblades" single, which was issued on 7-inch earlier this year. A stream of the warped and wobbly, piano and percussion punch-up "36" is in the player down below.

In a statement, Kwes noted that he writes "pop songs or music that can go anywhere, and they can sometimes be very noisy, very quiet or somewhere in between. It's more an ever-changing creative processes with a few constants than a musical style."


1. purplehands

2. 36

3. rollerblades

4. cablecar

5. flower

6. hives

7. broke

8. chagall

9. parakeet

10. b_shf_l *

* CD and digital only