Kinnie Starr "Gotta Do Something"

Kinnie Starr 'Gotta Do Something'
Genre-jumping Calgary-born pop experimenter Kinnie Starr will return with a new album titled Feed the Fire later this year, and she's teasing its arrival with a new song called "Gotta Do Something."
The new record critically examines connection in the modern age — exploring our relationships with screens, faith, each other and ourselves.
"With the rise of Internet and VR culture, more and more people live their lives online," Starr tells Exclaim! "We all know this, but are stuck in varying degrees to our patterns related to the screen. For 'Gotta Do Something' I wanted to explore this notion by writing from the perspective of an adult male, kept up through the night, trolling the internet, looking for a fight."
That aggressive attitude gets paired with a sound that jumps from distorted digital beats to softer, chiming keyboards and echoing vocals, making for a track that's equal parts urgent and reflective.
Listen to "Gotta Do Something" below, and pre-order Feed the Fire here via Pledge Music.