Kingfisher Bluez Launches New Singles Club

Kingfisher Bluez Launches New Singles Club
The last time Vancouver's Kingfisher Bluez launched a singles club, it focused on local acts. This time around, the label will be expanding its scope by teaming up with different labels from around the world. This latest subscription series is called Buddy System.

To assemble this series, Kingfisher head Tim Clapp reached out to some of his favourite labels and got them to each curate a 7-inch single. There's a particular focus on iconic indie pop labels, with participants including Slumberland, Fortuna Pop!, Polyvinyl, Flying Nun, Moshi Moshi, K Records and more. See the full list of participating labels below.

The first single is curated by New York's Cloudberry Records. The label selected a jangly offering from Parcel Post featuring the songs "Centimetres" and "Hidden in the Frost." Hear the single below.

Subscriptions cost $80, plus shipping. The first 100 subscribers will also get a bonus record curated by Flannelgraph Records and a copy of the Kingfisher Bluez single by Mike Adams at His Honest Weight. In other words, if you order now you'll get a total of 14 records, with three or four mailouts taking place throughout the year.

It's available to purchase here.

Buddy System:

Cloudberry Records (New York, NY) 
Elefant Records (Madrid, Spain) 
Where It's at Is Where You Are (London, UK) 
Polyvinyl Records (Champaign, IL) 
Chapter Music (Northcote, Australia) 
K Records (Olympia, WA) 
Fatcat Records (Brighton, UK) 
Slumberland Records (Oakland, CA) 
Moshi Moshi Records (London, UK) 
Fortuna POP! (London, UK) 
Flying Nun Records (Christchurch, New Zealand) 
Shelflife, Records (Portland, OR/San Francisco, CA)
Flannelgraph Records (Bloomington, IN) (bonus single)