Kieran Strange "The Best You Never Had" (video)

Kieran Strange 'The Best You Never Had' (video)
UK-born, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Kieran Strange has built up a following for her musical work in conjunction with LGBT organizations and programs, as well as fantastical, geek-centric conventions. Her music celebrates diversity, channelling her own uniqueness through upbeat pop punk jams — and Exclaim! has got the premiere of the video for her latest single "Best You Never Had."
The new clip offers Strange's satirical, semi-humourous take on the unpleasantly universal practice of "friend zoning."
"I've had so many awkward relationships where we've agreed at the start that this is just a friendship, and it will never be more than that, and that we are going to fight any feelings we may have — only to have them put the moves on me at a presumably would-be romantic moment, and then cut all ties with me when I remind them we're just friends," she explains. "The 'friend zone' is such a ridiculous notion — if it does exist, you should be happy to be in someone's 'friend zone' because it means they've allowed you into their innermost circle, the people they trust and love as family! That's something to be pretty chuffed about!"
As for the video, it features footage of Strange singing her heart out into the camera along with an exaggerated, acted-out storyline that's flirtatious, but ultimately stays restricted to the aforementioned friend zone. Scroll past Strange's upcoming shows to watch it play out in the video below.
Tour dates:
08/14 Oklahoma City OK - TBA
08/15 Albuquerque NM - TBA
08/17 Salt Lake City UT - TBA
08/18 Boise ID - TBA
08/19 Spokane OR - TBA
08/28 Vancouver BC - The 333
09/04-07 Portland OR - Kumoricon
10/30-11/01 Detroit MI - Youmacon