Kidstreet "Never Coming Back" (video)

Kidstreet 'Never Coming Back' (video)
Waterloo, ON sibling trio Kidstreet recently released their debut Fuh Yeah on Nettwerk. Now they're premiering the new music video for "Never Coming Back" here at

Directed by the band's Cliff Snyder, the video features singer Edna Snyder cruising around in a Cadillac around the Kitchener, ON area, while scenes cut in basked under a green disco-lit glow. The tune's a catchy one, displaying the band's unique and lively electro-pop sound.

In a statement, Edna Snyder shed a bit more light on the video's concept:

When we were writing "Never Coming Back," I didn't think much about what my ex was supposed to look like, or what sort of man he might have been. As the video took shape, though, he became a creepy, sort of nonchalant man. Whether we had intended it initially or not, the video ends up implying that what I'm never coming back to, is an abusive relationship. My good friend Zoran was kind enough to play the part. Quite a juxtaposition for him to play that role in this video!

Watch the brand new video for Kidstreet's "Never Coming Back" below.