Kids On TV Lose TheirSpace

Toronto-based electro punks Kids On TV discovered March 1 that their MySpace account had been deleted without notice. With a friend count of more than 14,000 and an upcoming album release and European tour, they found it rather vexing. In a press release, the band stated: "We suspect that, although we kept our site visually ‘PG-13’ and played by the rules, the discussion of sexuality in our lyrics and the open embrace of radical culture was too much for MySpace. We definitely ran into their limits whatever they were. They never responded to our questions either, which is the experience everyone has apparently.” In response to their erasure, the group launched a new profile encouraging people to post their stories of MySpace censorship, and after receiving numerous responses, discovered the networking site appears to target gay artists. Meanwhile, blatant porn site profiles and advertising is rampant with sexually suggestive photos. To check out the Kids On TV’s protest, visit