Kelis, Tim & Mike Kinsella, Chad VanGaalen and Timber Timbre Fill Exclaim's May Issue

BY Peter SanfilippoPublished Apr 23, 2014

We're nearly finished April, the month of rain and indecisive temperatures, and as we all know, April showers inevitably bring May flowers. Those flowers come a little early this year in the form of a new Exclaim! issue, here to brighten your day and enrich your musical knowledge. Once again, we've crammed page after page of interviews, reviews and features for all things music, movies and videogames between the covers. Grab yourself a copy today at a record store, street box, cafe or venue across Canada.

R&B foodie Kelis snags this month's cover story. The "Milkshake" connoisseur sat down with Exclaim! to talk the release of her sixth studio record, Food, not fitting into genre boxes, spirituality and driving into SXSW in a food truck — a decision that was bold and totally Kelis.

This month's Timeline traces the story of Tim & Mike Kinsella, two brothers who have uncompromisingly followed their muse through several influential projects, including Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, American Football and Owls. From their first band formed in their freshman year of high school at the age of 12 to new groups forming, morphing and falling apart, to failed films and disastrous reunions, the brothers have an intense 22-year history and we dig into it all.

Canadian singer-songwriter and musical renaissance man Chad VanGaalen took our Questionnaire this month, in which he discusses the dark moments on his first tour, his little-known frisbee expertise and his experience seeing Cher practise "Believe" back stage on Letterman. There's also some X-Men talk, but it might not be what you'd expect.

In other interviews, Timber Timbre's Taylor Kirk explains the cinematic origins of Hot Dreams, EMA talks about her relationship with the internet, Odonis Odonis discuss their new record's long story from recording to release, Cloud Nothings talk their love for the road and much more. On top of that, our resident game expert Joshua Ostroff talks the potential of virtual reality in gaming with the new Oculus Rift.

On top of that, we have sat down with Teebs, Freddie Gibbs, Daley and Triptykon.

Also, Toronto blues-punk duo Catl. show us that less is more when it comes to their minimalist drum and guitar sound in this month's Music School section.

As the month goes on, more of the issue will go up on the website; in the meantime, keep your eyes on our news section for headlines from many artist interviews and get your hands on the whole thing right now by heading to your favourite cafe, bar, record store or street box and grabbing a copy of the new Exclaim! issue.

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