Keita Sano Announces Album for 1080p Collection

Keita Sano Announces Album for 1080p Collection
Continuing to crank out releases, Vancouver-based tape and digital label 1080p Collection has announced its next release. The label will issue Holding New Cards, an album from Japanese producer Keita Sano. 

Sano is based in Okayama, though he previously lived in Okinawa, where he studied ceramic spinning. That practice isn't really noticeable in his music, though his early love of jazz does play some role in his blend of house and techno.

"Jazz music still inspires him, though this dense blend of electronics doesn't bear so many signs of it other than a distinct free-ness and constant sense of melody," a press release states.

Further, the label write-up adds that the release "muses on notions of general noise and saturation, relishing in maximalism with accomplished and innocence."

1080p will deliver Holding New Cards on May 5. The album can be pre-ordered here.

Listen to "Onion Slice" below via FACT.

Holding New Cards:

1. Fake Blood
2. Onion Slice
3. End How It Ends
4. Everybody Does It
5. Search
6. Holding New Cards
7. Happiness
8. He Can Only Hold Her
9. Escape to Bronx
10. Insomnia
11. African Blue