Kate Moss Sends Six New Kills Songs to a Watery Death

Kate Moss Sends Six New Kills Songs to a Watery Death
Leave it to a celebrity couple to make a splash by sending six new songs by the Kills to a watery demise. Apparently, band member Jamie Hince's supermodel girlfriend, Kate Moss, threw his European carry-all (aka "man purse") into a swimming pool, reports the Mirror, and effectively forcing the rest of us to have to wait a bit longer for the next new Kills record.

The two lovebirds were said to have been in a heated fight when Moss grabbed Hince's bag and threw it into the pool. It contained his BlackBerry, diary and the laptop holding the new Kills tracks. The Mirror reports there were no back-ups.

An unnamed source told the newspaper that Hince leaped into the water after his bag, and when he surfaced he wasn't at all pleased.

"Jamie was absolutely livid," the source said. "[He] kept yelling, 'Why would you do such a fucking stupid thing?! You're acting like a fishwife!'"

Only Hince's diary survived the ordeal. Needless to say, once he gets some alone time he'll have a hefty "Dear Diary" entry ahead of him.