KASHKA "Lamplight" on Exclaim! TV

KASHKA 'Lamplight' on Exclaim! TV
Formerly the frontwoman for Toronto folk group Forest City Lovers, Kat Burns is now making music under her solo moniker KASHKA. Having released an EP just last month, Burns also set out on the road earlier this summer with a unique twist to her tour. Booking dates in both Canada and the United States, she set out in search of living rooms or alternative spaces to host concerts in.

No strangers to hosting performances in our own office space, we invited Burns to the Exclaim! headquarters for a performance of "Lamplight," taken from her 2013 full-length record Bound.

Finger-picking her way through the delicate piece, Burns sways to her melodies all while not missing a single note. Her lyrics coupled with a steady, confident delivery prove poetic and touching. "And when does your lover call you a lover and when does your lover call you just a friend," she sings before leading the piece to conclusion with a steady strum pattern.

Watch Burns' performance in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres