Karen O "Nellie" (Google Doodle video)

Karen O 'Nellie' (Google Doodle video)
Today (May 5), Google is using their homepage to pay tribute to investigative journalism pioneer Nellie Bly. In honour of what would have been the American writer's 151 birthday, they've unveiled a Google Doodle pairing an animated highlight reel with Yeah Yeah Yeahs member Karen O's salutatory song, "Nellie."

Similar to the sounds of O's Crush Songs, the new tune is a brief acoustic number that pairs pleasing guitar strums with lines touching on Bly's career. "We've gotta speak up for the ones who've been told to shut up," O sings, reflecting Bly's efforts to break down barriers in the industry.

The video goes on to recall her Jules Verne-inspired trip around the world in 72 days, as well as stories she wrote from Eastern Front trenches in World War I or on the suffragette movement.

You can learn more about Bly's impactful career here, and watch the O-assisted Google Doodle down below.