Karen Elson "Milk and Honey" (Jackson C. Frank cover) (video)

Karen Elson 'Milk and Honey' (Jackson C. Frank cover) (video)
Breaking up with Jack White doesn't seem to have severed model-turned-singer Karen Elson's creative ties to her former husband. This Saturday (April 21), Elson will be releasing a cover of Jackson C. Frank's "Milk and Honey" as a Record Store Day seven-inch via Jack's record label, Third Man. Now, a video for that track has arrived.

Watch a clip for the delicate, tremolo-tinged folk tune below. The black-and-white video is every bit as simple and sombre as the song itself, as it it shows Elson and a guitarist performing the song in a candle-filled room.

Elson told Rolling Stone, "I covered the song live and it began to take on a whole new meaning. The lyrics are sorrowful, yet a poetic take on the season's changing and love. It reminds me of a Rilke poem."