Justin Bieber Starts Rappin' as Shawty Mane

Justin Bieber Starts Rappin' as Shawty Mane
Is there anything Justin Bieber can't do? He sells millions of records, he's adored by women of all ages... he has his own action figure. Oh, he can sing and dance, too. As if that weren't enough, the tiny entrepreneur has added yet another role to his hefty resume: Biebs has become a rapper. We've seen him hang around Drake and Ludacris, so the allure of rhyming has clearly rubbed off on the lil' guy.

A report on Rap Up points to a video on Bieber's TwitVid page that unveils the tiny entrepreneur's alter-ego, Shawty Mane. "Who knew i could rap lol," he posted on the site.

The 100-second clip finds the kid free-styling atop Cam'Ron and Vado's "Speaking In Tungs" with a helium-heavy chipmunk flow, spouting off lines about calling Lady Gaga up on his telephone while tearing shit up like a raptor. Admitting that he's on fire, the MC suggests we should call him young sire, and maybe he's right? But despite his side-venture, the nerd-glasses-sporting Shorty Mane doesn't want you to forget who he is.

"You guys might know me as the guy who sings 'Baby.' I'm a pop singer, I'm white," he spits on the cut.

We're not quite sure why he's chasing old people around on the street in between the clip's studio scenes, but Biebs seems to be having fun with the role reversal. It probably feels good to let loose incognito after months of getting mobbed by fans outside of every concert.

Here's hoping he's got the brass to give us a Shawty Mane verse on an upcoming Biebs cut. Otherwise, bring on the full-length, Shawty!