Justin Bieber "Sorry" (ft. Skrillex & Blood) (acoustic video)

Justin Bieber 'Sorry' (ft. Skrillex & Blood) (acoustic video)
Justin Bieber's new single "Sorry" is in keeping with the EDM-leaning sound of his recent work, but now he has given it an acoustic overhaul with a new performance video.

This acoustic rendition was recorded with the same producers who worked on the original version of "Sorry," Skrillex and Blood (formerly known as Blood Diamonds). The three sit on a couch, and we see black and white footage of Skrillex strumming an acoustic guitar while Bieber croons his mea culpa and Blood slaps along on his knees. They all seem to be in a fairly goofy mood: they begin by toying around with those hands-free motorized scooters, the performance is interrupted by skateboarding tricks, and they finish by performing over-the-top vocal runs.

Check it out below. Bieber's album Purpose will be out on November 13.