Junior Boys Return with New Album

Junior Boys Return with New Album
If you've been wondering what those Junior Boys  have been up to as of late, wonder no more: this morning (March 11) the slicked-out Hamilton, ON electro unit announced that a new LP is heading our way. Dubbed It's All True, the follow-up to 2009's Exclaim!-approved Begone Dull Care is due out June 14 worldwide via Domino, who release the record on June 20 in the UK.

The album was recored and produced by the duo's Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus in Hamilton, Berlin and Shanghai. In fact, according to the press release, China had a big impact on the album.

"It's All True is informed by Jeremy Greenspan's extended visit to Shanghai, China where he began to write and record the album," says the PR. "For example on a track like the album opener 'Itchy Fingers,' the exotic middle eight features local musicians Greenspan recorded during his sojourn. As well as informing the sonics of the record, Shanghai had an influence visually as well, the image included with this story being a detail of the album's cover [see above], a deceptively abstract image taken by Jeremy Greenspan's sister of the UK Pavilion in Shanghai."

At this link, you can grab the new album track "ep" for the price of an email. And by the sounds of this teaser track, we have one killer album to look forward here.

Also, you can look forward to the first single "Banana Ripple," which is described as an "epic" nine-minute track. It will be pressed up on twelve-inch vinyl and feature remixes by the Field and disco pioneer Tom Moulton. However, no release date for that single has been set yet.

Down below you will find the tracklisting, and get set for a Canada/U.S. tour to kick off in June, as well as a trek throughout Europe.

It's All True:

1. "Itchy Fingers"

2. "Playtime"

3. "You'll Improve Me"

4. "A Truly Happy Ending"

5. "The Reservoir"

6. "Second Chance"

7. "Kick the Can"

8. "ep"

9. "Banana Ripple"