Junior Boys Get Ready For New Album, Spring Tour

Junior Boys Get Ready For New Album, Spring Tour
Hamilton's new romantics Junior Boys have dropped word they've put the finishing touches on album number three. On March 24, Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus will release Begone Dull Care via Domino, with first single "Hazel" preceding the full-length on twelve-inch and digitally.

With Greenspan still working from Junior Boys' Hamilton headquarters and Didemus recently relocating to Berlin, the pair did this record Postal Service style, marking their first venture into songwriting via telecommunication. Also, if you're wondering about the title of this follow-up to 2006's So This Is Goodbye, Junior Boys say it's a reference to the animated short film of the same name by Scottish-Canadian animator and electronic composer Norman McLaren, who was apparently a big influence on this record.

"The meticulousness of film animation is much like the process of sequencing and programming electronic music," the band say in the press release. "On Begone Dull Care, there isn't a single sound emitted that feels out of place or like an afterthought. There is a measured restraint that's rarely employed in modern pop music and it's the precision and restraint in the arrangements that only serve to magnify what is there."

Starting March 28 in Toronto, the duo are set to embark on a Canadian/U.S. tour with Domino label-mate Max Tundra serving as opener. They've yet to announce all the dates yet but we do know the album's tracklisting.

Begone Dull Care:

1. "Parallel Lines"
2. "Work"
3. "Bits and Pieces"
4. "Dull to Pause"
5. "Hazel"
6. "Sneak a Picture"
7. "The Animator"
8. "What It's For"

Junior Boys "In The Morning"