The Junction Sign to Culvert Music for New LP

The Junction Sign to Culvert Music for New LP
It's been a few years since long-lasting Toronto indie rock band the Junction released an album, but they've currently got a new LP in the works. When the record arrives, it will come out through the band's new label home, Culvert Music.

In addition to announcing the signing, the Junction revealed that they're currently in the studio. This will be the band's first album since 2012's Grievances (which came out through Junction Inc./Fontana North). In a statement, bassist Matt Jameson explained why it's been so long since fans have heard from the group. He said:

When we bump into friends who we haven't seen in a while they're curious if the band is still kicking and what we've been up to. I suppose we could have told everyone we were breaking up, played a hoorah show, taken a couple years off, and then attempted to re-light the candle…but why? Everyone would see a lame gag for attention...or at least we'd feel that way. We don't hate each other, no one has moved away, and we still want to create music. We simply had our foot on the gas for over ten years and wanted to take our foot off the pedal for a bit. And we did…literally, we sold the van. We've had our break with no breakup show required. Now we're in the fortunate position where we want to record another album and we've partnered with Culvert to help us make it. We've been sitting on a chunk of new material for about a year now and it's time to get in the studio…then maybe we'll start hating each other, ha!

The band will debut some new material with a hometown show tomorrow night (May 30) at the Horseshoe Tavern. Lyon and Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen are also on the bill. The gig is called "Fifteen Years of the Junction," and the poster can be seen above.

That's all we currently know about the Junction's plans, but it's clear that we'll soon be hearing more from them soon, so stay tuned.