Julian Casablancas Hints at Mysterious 'Voidz' Project

Julian Casablancas Hints at Mysterious 'Voidz' Project
While Albert Hammond Jr. goes about promoting his new solo EP, it looks as if his Strokes bandmate Julian Casablancas may have a project of his own in the works, since he's updated his website with a curious new logo.

The futuristic-looking text (see above) is extremely difficult to make out, but as Consequence of Sound points out, it seems to say Voidz. It's possible that this is the name of an impending solo album, or it could be a new single (as was the case in Metronomy's similar recent campaign) or some sort of other project.

In any case, it appears to be safe to say that Casablancas has something new in works. Interested parties can sign up for his mailing his at his website for future updates. Assuming that there's a new LP on the way, it will be Casablancas's first solo album since 2009's Phrazes for the Young.

He has a few solo dates lines up for 2014. See the schedule below.

Tour dates:

03/29-03/30 Sanitago, Chile - Lollapalooza Chile

04/01-02 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Lollapalooza Argentina

04/03-04 Bogoata, Colombia - Estero Picnic

04/05-06 Sao Paolo, Brazil - Lollapalooza Brazil