Julee Cruise's 'Floating Into the Night' Gets Treated to Vinyl Repress

Julee Cruise's 'Floating Into the Night' Gets Treated to Vinyl Repress
With a Twin Peaks reboot on the way, interest in David Lynch's cult TV show has once again hit hard. While the official soundtracks are set to be reissued early next year through Death Waltz Recording Company, theme song vocalist Julee Cruise has had her 1989 LP Floating Into the Night put back onto LP as well.

The latest vinyl version of the set was delivered through Plain Recordings this month, marking its first appearance on the format since the initial release. The 180-gram vinyl repress comes with a double-sided insert.

Produced by composer Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch, the record features Cruise's version of "Falling." An instrumental version of the track had been used in the opening credits of the show, and had won Badalamenti a Grammy in 1990 for "Best Pop Instrumental Performance."

Also included is "Mysteries of Love," a song used in Lynch's Blue Velvet that had been inspired by This Mortal Coil's cover of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren."

Floating Into the Night was Cruise's debut LP. She hasn't issued a full-length of new music since 2002's The Art of Being a Girl.

Floating Into the Night:

1. Floating
2. Falling
3. I Remember
4. Rockin' Back Inside My Heart
5. Mysteries Of Love
6. Into The Night
7. I Float Alone
8. The Nightingale
9. The Swan
10. The World Spins