Judge Reunite for New York Show

Judge Reunite for New York Show
After years of holding out on the reunion game, infamous New York straight-edge crew Judge have announced they're "bringin' it down" at least one more time for a reunion show this spring. This will be the band's first performance together since 1991.

New York's Black and Blue Productions has confirmed that the act will play its BNB Bowl at Webster Hall on May 18. It's unclear exactly what the lineup will be, but it's expected that the group's constants, vocalist Mike "Judge" Ferraro and guitarist John "Porcell" Porcelly will both take part in the performance.

The group's revolving door of contributors also included members of Warzone, Side by Side, Youth of Today, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits and more. Porcelly and Ferraro had also played together in Youth of Today.

An interview with Ferraro, which you can see below, had the frontman noting that he doesn't take the reunion lightly and apparently struggled with the idea for the last two years. While he had concerns about tarnishing the band's legacy, he ultimately decided to do it for the fans who missed out on the experience 20 years ago.

"My love of Judge can never be questioned, and I would never half-ass it," he said.

Throughout their initial run, Judge issued two 7-inches and 1989's Bringin' It Down LP. An earlier attempt at the songs on the full-length had been pressed in a limited run as Chung King Can Suck It, referencing the studio where the sessions took place. All of those recordings were reissued on the What It Meant discography in 2005.