The Juan MacLean Return with 'In A Dream' LP

The Juan MacLean Return with 'In A Dream' LP
Though John MacLean is normally known as the mastermind of the electronic dance project the Juan MacLean, he's let collaborator (and former LCD Soundsystem member) Nancy Whang take some of the spotlight on the group's new album.

Called In a Dream, the group's official follow-up to 2008's The Future Will Come (and 2011's rarities comp Everybody Gets Close) features Whang prominently. A press release calls it her "triumph," later referring to it as "the Nancy show."

The press release adds: "Like every Juan record, this one quotes freely from house and techno and disco. Dead drums and vintage synthesizers are abundant. This is a DFA record, after all."

In a Dream will be available on September 16 via DFA. For now, you can watch a video for eight-minute album opener "A Place Called Space" below.

In a Dream:

1. A Place Called Space
2. Here I Am
3. Love Stops Here
4. You Were A Runaway
5. Running Back To You
6. I've Waited For So Long
7. Charlotte
8. A Simple Design
9. The Sun Will Never Set On Our Love