The Juan Maclean Explore "Existential Tailspin" on DJ-Kicks Mix

The Juan Maclean Explore 'Existential Tailspin' on <i>DJ-Kicks</i> Mix
Last year was a busy one for DFA dance enthusiasts the Juan Maclean. Not only did they release their excellent second album, The Future Will Come, but the group also found time to prepare a new mix for the !K7's beloved DJ-Kicks series.

The Juan Maclean's contribution to the top-notch dance music series is a homage to house music, spanning over two decades of dance music in its 72-minute run time. The album was mixed live on two turntables, and also features exclusive Juan Maclean material. In a press release, John MacLean himself called the process an "existential tailspin."

"I spent most of the time agonizing over the relevance of doing a DJ mix in 2010," he adds. "So much about DJing has changed in the last ten years. It seems that anyone at home can make their own mix, whether they're a proper DJ or not. Which begs the question: why bother putting them out at this point? So at the end of the day I just came back to where I had started, which was basically wanting to do something that was representative of where I'm coming from in producing my own music, and also focusing on the current house music scene."

With so much thought behind it, we can't wait to hear what Maclean came up with when their DJ-Kicks mix drops on April 27.