José González "Let It Carry You" (Holy Ghost! remix)

José González 'Let It Carry You' (Holy Ghost! remix)
DFA-backed dance music project Holy Ghost! are just about ready to unveil their Work for Hire remix LP, but they've uploaded a spirited revamp of a José González song ahead of next week's street date. You can sample their roboticized take of Vestiges and Claws number "Let It Carry You" right now.

Holy Ghost! bring the track into the digital world, recasting the gently-swayed, finger-picked acoustic melodies as a series of neon-lit keyboard tones. González vocals are just as soft and supple as you'd expect, but the bustling backing track takes him deep into the discotheque. While there, he apparently hooked up with a pair of cyborg backup singers.

You can sample the remix down below, while the rest of Work for Hire can be copped May 5.