Jon Hopkins Returns with New Album 'RITUAL'

Watch a music video for "RITUAL (evocation)" featuring aerial rope performance

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 30, 2024

Jon Hopkins has detailed his seventh album. The English musician and producer will share RITUAL on August 30 via Domino Recording Co.

Following 2021's Music for Psychedelic Therapy, is described as a "41-minute ceremonial epic" that is a kinetic counterpoint to its predecessor.

The single piece, unfolding over eight tracks, is previewed today by fifth movement "RITUAL (evocation)," which comes complete with a music video starring aerial rope performer Bryony Louise Fowler.

Hopkins shares of RITUAL, "It feels like a tool, maybe even a machine, for opening portals within your inner world, for unlocking things that are hidden and buried. Things that are held in place by the tension in your body. It doesn't feel like 'an album' therefore - more a process to go through, something that works on you.

"At the same time, it feels like it tells a story. Maybe it's the story of a process I'm going through, and one that we are all going through. Maybe it's also the story of creation, destruction and transcendence. Maybe it's the story of the archetypal hero's journey - the journey of forgetting and remembering. Ultimately though, all I have to say about it is said by the sound."

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1. part i – altar
2. part ii – palace / illusion
3. part iii – transcend / lament
4. part iv – the veil
5. part v – evocation
6. part vi – solar goddess return
7. part vii – dissolution
8. part viii – nothing is lost

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