John Vanderslice Returns with 'Dagger Beach,' Covers David Bowie's Entire 'Diamond Dogs' LP

John Vanderslice Returns with 'Dagger Beach,' Covers David Bowie's Entire 'Diamond Dogs' LP
John Vanderslice's last couple of albums were issued by Dead Oceans, but the Floridian songwriter will be going a more DIY route by self-releasing the follow-up. Dagger Beach is due this spring via Vanderslice's own Tiny Telephone label.

The album was written and recorded over 10 months, and the singer noted that the process was similar to that of Cellar Door (2004) and Pixel Revolt (2005). He explained in a statement, "songs were written over existing free-form drum parts, or tracked at home and meticulously overdubbed at Tiny Telephone. We kept the roughness and frayed edges in (when they worked) and leaned on early takes and performances that teetered on perfection."

Vanderslice is selling copies through a Kickstarter campaign, which has already passed its $18,500 goal.

Many of the Kickstarter packages include a full-album cover of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs. This disc features members of Avi Buffalo, and Vanderslice called it "probably the most out, weird, and chaotic thing I've done." It was made in five days and its vinyl release will be limited to 300 copies.

Other pledge rewards available at Kickstarter include records, unreleased rare music, a private listening party, 10-LP package, house show, the chance to record an EP with Vanderslice at his studio, and — perhaps best of all — the songwriter's officiating duties for your wedding.

Check out the full details of the campaign over at Kickstarter. A promotional video for the campaign is at the bottom of this page.

Packages are slated to ship sometime around May, while the album will be in stores this summer. Vanderslice promised that pledgers would receive their copies at least a week before they arrive in stores.

Dagger Beach:

1. Raw Wood 
2. Harlequin Press 
3. Song for Dana Lok 
4. How The West Was Won 
5. Interlude #1
6. Song for David Berman 
7. Damage Control 
8. Song for the Landlords of Tiny Telephone
9. Gaslight 
10. Sleep It Off 
11. Sonogram 

12. North Coast Rep 

13. Interlude #2

John Vanderslice Plays Diamond Dogs:

1. This Ain't Rock and Roll, This Is Suicide 

2. Diamanthunde 

3. Jump In The River Holding Hands 

4. Juvenile Success

5. Would You Possibly Rock and Roll with Me?

6. Be Elusive, But Don't Walk Far

7. The Savage Jaw

8. A Better Whirlpool

9. Shake It Up, Shake It Up