Jóhann Jóhannsson Preps Vinyl Release of 'Prisoners' Score

Jóhann Jóhannsson Preps Vinyl Release of 'Prisoners' Score
As previously reported, Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson's music filled movie theatres this fall when it scored Denis Villeneuve's family thriller Prisoners, and now it will fill two sides of wax for an official vinyl soundtrack release.

While a CD edition of Jóhannsson's score was issued earlier this year, the composer is currently accepting pre-orders on the vinyl set over on his website. The wax platter is expected to ship later this month.

Included on the release are 16 compositions, with eerie, mood-setting titles like "I Can't Find Them," "Surveillance Video" and "The Priest's Basement" hinting at the dark mood of the Hugh Jackman vehicle about a Boston man kidnapping someone he feels is responsible for the disappearance of his daughter. Jóhannsson had previously noted, however, that the score takes a different tone than the visuals.

"I wanted the music to be a poetic voice that worked in counterpoint to the action of the film," Jóhannsson had previously said in a statement. "Even though the movie is a thriller, the music is lyrical and beautiful, in stark contrast to the intensity of the film depicts."

You can sample a bit of the set via that movie trailer down below.

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Prisoners soundtrack:

1. The Lord's Prayer

2. I Can't Find Them

3. The Search Party

4. Surveillance Video

5. The Candlelight Vigil

6. Escape

7. The Tall Man

8. The Everyday Bible

9. Following Keller

10. Through Falling Snow

11. The Keeper

12. The Intruder

13. The Priest's Basement

14. The Snakes

15. The Trans Am

16. Prisoners