Jim O'Rourke Preps New Original Silence LP With Thurston Moore, Drag City Reissues

Jim O'Rourke Preps New Original Silence LP With Thurston Moore, Drag City Reissues
In further efforts to do anything but finish his new solo record, Jim O’Rourke has wrapped up another album with the free jazz/noise supergroup, Original Silence. Composed of O’Rourke, Thurston Moore, Swedish sax player Mats Gustafsson, Terrie Ex of the Ex, Paal Nilssen-Love of the Thing, and Zu’s Massimo Puppilo, the project will be dropping The Second Original Silence later this summer on August 11.

The album stems from an Original Silence performance at Italy's Brancaleone back on September 28, 2006, and will now be released via Smalltown Superjazzz on CD, LP and digital audio files. And in case the album’s title was obvious enough for you, this will be the group’s second record.

In other O’Rourke news, the experimental maestro recently left a trail of reissues for fans itching for some long-overdue O’Rourke activity. Both 1991’s Tamper and 2006’s Osorezan were released late last month through his Chicago label, Drag City, along with the previously unreleased Long Nights, "a double-disc release of pure drone that dates way, way back but is only now seeing the light of day." However, there is still no definite word on O'Rourke's new solo album, with Drag City only insisting that it is nearly complete and will be out in the near future.

Here is the tracklisting for The Second Original Silence, as well as those of the reissues:

Original Silence - The Second Original Silence:

1 Argument Left Hanging - Rubber Cement
2 A Sweeping Parade of Optimism - Blood Stream
3 High trees & a Few Birds - The Doll's Reflection
4 Crepescular Refractions - Mystery Eye

Jim O’Rourke - Tamper:

1 Spirits Never Forgive
2 He Felt the Patient Memory of a Reluctant Sea
3 Ascend Through Unspoken Shadow

Jim O’Rourke - Osorezan:

1 Form of the Collapse If a Collapse Should Occur
2 All We Know So Far
3 In Addition

Jim O’Rourke - Long Nights:

1 Long Nights