Jim Guthrie 'Takes Time' on New Solo Album

Jim Guthrie 'Takes Time' on New Solo Album
Although Canadian journeyman Jim Guthrie has released plenty of music in recent years — including a film soundtrack, videogame score and side-projects — his next solo LP is being billed as a follow-up to 2003's Now, More Than Ever. Entitled Takes Time, it's out on May 7 via Static Clang.

The album was created over a lengthy period stretching from 2007 to 2012. It was recorded by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Colin Stetson, the Unicorns), along with Guthrie himself, and will be available on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

The album cover is above and the tracklist is below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the hear the single "The Rest Is Yet to Come," which features chopped-up vocal harmonies and an atmospheric folk-pop bounce.

This is presumably the same album that Guthrie told Exclaim! about in 2012, when he said, "I have a new album in the works. I actually started it three years ago and then just stopped working on it only to pick it up again and then put it back down! I'm hoping to finish it soon because it's getting to the point of just plain lame."

Takes Time:

1. Taking My Time
2. Difference a Day Makes
3. Before and After
4. Never Poor
5. The Rest Is Yet to Come
6. Bring on the Night
7. Don't Be Torn
8. The Sound of Wanting More
9. Like a Lake
10. Wish I Were You
11. Turn Me On