The Jezabels "All You Need" (video)

The Jezabels 'All You Need' (video)
Australian pop-rock band the Jezabels have done lots of touring as of late, and while on the road, they filmed some of their adventures. The band's Samuel Lockwood put some of the footage together (along with more filmed back in Australia), and the result is the new video for "All You Need" from this year's The Brink.

The song is a climactically slow-burning, atmospheric ballad, and the clip captures the dynamics of the music. Parts of the video convey the exhaustion and bleariness of travel, while other sections highlight the group's exciting live performances.

"The Jezabels have been touring for a few years now. We thought we would try and capture what it's like — both the highs and the lows. This is for our fans, and others that want to see another side of band life," the band explained of the video in a statement.

Watch it below.