Jessie Ware "You & I (Forever)"

Jessie Ware 'You & I (Forever)'
While Jessie Ware tried to dish out some Tough Love on her LP of the same name, the singer is all smiles in the photo booth-set short film that serves as the video for the record's latest single, "You & I (Forever)".

The lightly pumping soul-pop song scores the sight of Ware prepping to have her picture taken in a photo booth, but it appears as if the location is a bit of a hot spot. When Ware's not mugging for the camera, we're treated to shots inside the booth of couples both young and old canoodling, friends goofing off, and parents adoring their children.

A statement from the singer ahead of the video reads: "For me, 'You & I (Forever)' is celebrating the person you love being by your side. This is what it means for others..."

You'll find the video down below.