Jenny Mayhem "Alice in Wonderland" (video)

Jenny Mayhem 'Alice in Wonderland' (video)
Three Dutch animation art students -- Pieter-Henk van Wijk, Lilian van den Braak and Rink Hof -- have put together a stop-motion video for Toronto-based singer songwriter Jenny Mayhem.

"Alice in Wonderland" appears on Mayhem's 2011 self-titled EP, and this heartfelt video is the work of some dedicated overseas fans. In a statement, van Wijk explained, "We've created the video clip with around 4,000 photos and [it] took us eight weeks to build."

The story of the video revolves around a family who are living under the same roof yet completely isolated from one another and absorbed in their own worlds. As a series of circumstances brings them together, the mood shifts from eerie to hopeful and the animation proves to perfectly suit to the tone of the song.

Check it out for yourself below.