Jean-Sebastian Audet Announces New Tape as Un Blonde

Jean-Sebastian Audet Announces New Tape as Un Blonde
Though he's only just graduated high school, Calgary expat Jean-Sebastien Audet has already recorded hundreds and hundreds of songs under various monikers. Now based in Montreal, the former Zouk Fuck/Faux Fur/Darren Wantz performer is mostly focused on his post-punk project Un Blonde. Naturally, he's already dropped a hefty batch of songs through the moniker, and his next set of tunes will get some physical love via a cassette release.

Called Habit Anything, the six-song EP is said to recall This Heat, Dirty Projectors, Captain Beefheart and Talking Heads. The songs are outtakes from Audet's recent, acclaimed Tenet LP, and were recorded with his live partners Raff McMahon, Brad Loughead and Andrew Flegel.

As a press release observes, Un Blonde deviates from Audet's past projects in that it "offers a far more organic, deconstructive approach to song writing than his previous work."

Habit Anything will be available as a cassette release, limited to 100 copies, on October 10 via Egg Paper Factory. Audet will also celebrate the release that night with a show at Poisson Noire in Montreal. You can get more details on the event here.

Rather than wait until then, however, you can stream the release in full below.

Habit Anything:

1. Participation
2. Curiosity
3. Like People
4. Have to Give
5. Pertinence
6. Everyone