Jean-Michel Jarre "Oxygene Pt. 17" (video)

Jean-Michel Jarre 'Oxygene Pt. 17' (video)
Jean-Michel Jarre recently revealed he would be picking back up his famed Oxygene series with Oxygene 3. With that new album coming in fast, the electronic music visionary has now shared its first single, "Oxygene Pt. 17," via a new video.

Combining live images from Jarre's "Electronic World Tour" and a series of truly otherworldly clips, the video aims to encapsulate "our fascinating world and the rapidly advancing role of technological modernization," according to a press release. It does this by flashing images of what are seen as mankind's greatest achievements — specifically, space travel, mass infrastructure and computers.

In a statement, Jarre had this to say about his new single:

"Oxygene Pt. 17" is the first single and a  bright moment of the album: I wanted to create a groove with the melodic part on its own and to also create the real feel of a spacey trip — which is what Oxygene is all about — and with minimalist drums. What made and makes Oxygene different, is probably that an important part of the sound is made of white noise, creating a hazy atmosphere. It is ironic to think back in time when everybody was obsessed by improving the signal to noise ratio, that I used so much noise as part of my music.

As previously reported, Oxygene 3 is due out on December 2 via Sony. For now, though, watch the video for "Oxygene Pt. 17" below.