J.D. McDonald "Boogaloo Santa Claus"

J.D. McDonald 'Boogaloo Santa Claus'
TRACK OF THE DAY: It's December and the (winter) gloves are off for another flurry of holiday songs. For me, In The Christmas Groove is one of the season's most anticipated greetings. I've pretty much worn out the grooves on my James Brown Christmas albums, so this is a welcome, funky addition to the Yuletide soundtrack.

It's obvious that Strut Records has an affinity for JB too - the title and album cover of the compilation are an homage to the Godfather's In The Jungle Groove. As usual, the label dug deep and came up with the most obscure and soulful paeans to the holidays; the only recording of this baker's dozen to have received widespread release in recent years is the Black On White Affair's mind-melting version of "Auld Lang Syne," part of Light In The Attic's 2004 collection, Wheedle's Groove, celebrating Seattle's finest soul.

J.D. McDonald's "Boogaloo Santa Claus" tells of an undoubtedly vivid encounter one Christmas night. As the narrator hides behind a tree, he spies Santa doing the boogaloo, the funky chicken and more. It just gets stranger from there.

Download J.D. McDonald's "Boogaloo Santa Claus" here, or go to Strut's microsite and send it to your loved ones.