Jay Arner and Jessica Delisle Announce Debut Release as Energy Slime

Jay Arner and Jessica Delisle Announce Debut Release as Energy Slime
Since releasing his self-titled album, Vancouver pop prince Jay Arner and his backing band have been making laps around the world on tour. In that time, he's managed to crank out a new record in collaboration with keyboardist/partner-in-crime Jessica Delisle as Energy Slime. After sharing a video in January, they've just announced their first proper release.

Called New Dimensional, the tracklisting for Energy Slime's debut makes it look a hell of a lot like an album. Though it boasts 10 tracks, however, the release is crammed into 13 minutes and will be pressed on a single 7-inch.

According to a press release, the genesis of the project was simple. "Basically Jay and I will be having a few alcoholic beverages after dinner and watching TV," Delisle said. "Jay will say 'pass me my sketchbook' and then he'll write down some psychedelic lyrics.... Quite often the songs are recorded immediately after Jay has an idea. Each song takes maybe an hour or two to write, record, and mix. Then we listen to it a bunch and laugh and quote all the lyrics to one another for the next week or two until we make the next song."

We'll all be able to join in with the listening, laughing and quoting later this year. If all goes according to plan, Mint will have New Dimensional on 7-inch racks starting November 11.

While Arner is also working on a new solo album, Delisle mentioned that there's also a supplemental project to their supplemental project. "The side project of Energy Slime is called Hard Piss," she said. "Jay wrote me a song for my birthday last year called 'Hard Piss Highway' about touring across the country. We once played that song at a Jay Arner show in a burrito restaurant. Having a project where you're not trying to be good frees you up to be good, paradoxically."

Watch the video for "Bustin' Up" below. Exclaim! is also happy to premiere the excellent new single "Star on the Ground."

New Dimensional:

1. Bustin' Up
2. Only Clouds
3. Cool Ship II
4. Gas in a Bag
5. Graham Fucks the Queen
6. Star on the Ground
7. Mother Brother Sister Father
8. Trial of the Mind
9. Why U Wanna
10. So Long Snakes