Jason Bajada "The Sound Your Life Makes" (video)

Jason Bajada 'The Sound Your Life Makes' (video)
With all the unsettling images surrounding the Montreal student protests, from outraged youth to police in riot gear, it's nice to see people coming together in peaceful demonstration.

This video for "The Sound Your Life Makes," the title track from Montreal singer-songwriter Jason Bajada's 2011 album, shows the city in a positive light. Smiling residents march through the streets clanging pots and pans in a non-violent uproar against Bill 78, which has been introduced to place restrictions on public assemblies.

Although on the surface the song's lyrics and melody seem downcast, hopefulness shines through to suit the theme of a community rallying in the wake of conflict.

Badja said in a statement: "Never have I seen Montreal so beautifully together. People, young and old, march and protest the recent student tuition hike and Bill 78 peacefully with their pots and pans every night at 8 p.m. Smiles are contagious and the city vibrates to the clanking as multiple neighbourhoods gather in the streets, uniting in one giant celebration. This is the sound Montreal makes!"

The Sound Your Life Makes is out now on MapleMusic Recordings/Fontana North