James Murphy Files Lawsuit Against DFA Co-Founder Tim Goldsworthy

James Murphy Files Lawsuit Against DFA Co-Founder Tim Goldsworthy
Former LCD Soundsystem's frontman James Murphy is also famous for his electronic and dance imprint DFA Records, which he co-founded with Jonathan Galkin and Tim Goldsworthy. Back in 2012, Goldsworthy departed from the label, moving to the UK and abandoning his peers. Now, Murphy has filed a lawsuit against him.

According to DNAinfo, Murphy is seeking $93,899 for "breach of contract" and "unjust enrichment." The lawsuit concerns Goldsworthy's inability to "perform services he was paid for, owing outstanding loans, improperly using the company credit card and making unauthorized withdrawals from its bank accounts."

UPDATE: According to Pitchfork, the lawsuit is being brought forward not just by Murphy, but by DFA as a whole.

At the time of the split, Jonathan Galkin told Resident Advisor, "Tim Goldsworthy moved away to somewhere in the United Kingdom, without informing anyone here at DFA. We have had no word from him since he left the United States. So we moved on with our lives and our business. Simple as that. He most definitely took a piece of us when he left, but we wish him the best with whatever he gets up to next."

Goldsworthy, however, didn't see things that way at the time. "I haven't left," he told RA. "If that was the case then, well, Murphy's never there, cause he's always touring or in the studio, so that would mean he left, I don't know, nine years ago or something?"

The lawsuit also alleges that "attempts to amicably resolve this matter were rebuffed" by Goldsworthy. Stay tuned for more information on how this all plays out.