James Murphy "Match 176" (snippet)

James Murphy 'Match 176' (snippet)
Ex-LCD Soundsystem leader James Murphy's tennis data-utilizing computer music will see its official release December 19, but he's volleyed a quick snippet of the set's "Match 176" to keep us occupied until then.

As previously reported, the music for the release was composed using raw sound files from U.S. Open matches. Four hundred hours' worth of material was whipped up using a computer algorithm, with Murphy cherry-picking the best moments. A backhand smash of sounds is presented in the snippet of "Match 176," with a Cooper bounce of backbeats and various squiggly synth tones making up the bulk of the racket.

You can check out the early stream now down below, while the rest of Remixes Made With Tennis Data arrives December 19 through IBM's SoundCloud.