Jade the Moon "Broken Angels" (video)

Jade the Moon 'Broken Angels' (video)
Jade the Moon are set to release their latest single "Broken Angels" next week, but Exclaim! has got the video premiere for that very song and you can give it a watch right now.
The Toronto-based project brings together Vancouver's Jade Moon and Toronto production duo Bad Cop // Mean Cop, and they began work on their debut EP Habits & Hindrance last spring.
The new clip for "Broken Angels" features a contemporary routine from a female dancer, with graceful, in-flight birds superimposed on the acrobatic choreography. Black, white and purple lighting visual effects highlight the attention to movement and motion.
"It was an attempt to represent musically, the feeling of fighting and [email protected]%King and the sad truth that so many relationships are no more than that," said Moon in a statement about the song. "We wanted to create free of restrictions. Going on instinct would be our strength. There's no room for emotional barriers. Nothing to cover up."
The "Broken Angels" single arrives on March 24 via Culvert Music. Watch the video premiere for the title track below.