Jacques Lu Cont "Underground" (video)

Jacques Lu Cont 'Underground' (video)
Stuart Price has released music and produced under names like Thin White Duke and Les Rythmes Digitales, but the British electro wonder's forthcoming EP will come out under his Jacques Lu Cont pseudonym. The EP is called Tracquin, and before it arrives on iTunes/Beatport on July 29, you can check out a video for the single "Underground."

Fittingly, given the title, the video was shot in London, UK's subway system. The bulk of the shots are filmed out of the front of fast-moving trains, and there are also some images of commuters pouring in and out of subway stations. It plays out a bit like train-centric take on Madonna's "Ray of Light" clip, which makes sense considering that the Material Girl is one of Price's many past collaborators.