Jack White Releasing Single by Wife Karen Elson?

Jack White Releasing Single by Wife Karen Elson?
Jack White sure seems to be taking his newfound role as label head pretty seriously these days. Not only is the White Stripe releasing a full-length album by his Dead Weather project on July 14 and another seven-inch single by the group, but he has a pile of other new releases heading our way via his newly minted Third Man Records, including a supposed collaboration with guitar hero Dexter Romweber, a solo project by the Citizen's Band's Rachelle Garniez and, last but certainly not least, a single by Mildred and the Mice, a group which is rumoured to be fronted by White's wife, model Karen Elson.

There's no 100 percent confirmation that this so-called Mildred is indeed Elson, but we're thinking it's a pretty safe bet to listen to the gossip train on this one and take the bait.

According to the description of Mildred and the Mice on Third Man's distributor's site (via TwentyFourBit):

The mysterious goth milquetoast 'Mildred' appeared before Jack White at a hardware store in Kentucky. She had no demo to give, nor guitar with her, so instead she sang her song "I Like My Mice (Dead)" at the top of her lungs in front of several hardware store customers before quickly walking out of the store in shy earnest... She hails from the mammoth cave area, but hasn't given the staff an age, or current address! (don't worry we'll be holding her royalty checks here for her.) In fact her mother dropped her off at Third Man studio for the single session and waited patiently in a Winnebago outside the studio until mildred was done recording. Mildred showed up with a very cool Gretsch princess guitar but called it a "gitch."

Elson has reportedly performed in the NYC cabaret troupe the Citizen's Band on and off for years, and her White-produced single under the Mildred and the Mice moniker, "I Like My Mice (Dead)"/"Spiderbite," is to drop on May 25 via Third Man Records, who on the same day are putting out Garniez's new seven-inch and the Dead Weather's "Treat Me Like Your Mother"/"You Just Can't Win."

In other Jack White news, he supposedly got into a recent dust-up with Dead Weather band mate Alison Mosshart (also of the Kills). UK tabloid the Sun quotes an unnamed source as saying, "Jack and Alison went on a mammoth all-day session when they met up in New York. They sunk a lot of alcohol and ended up at each other's throats.

"It was a one-off scrap and they both feel really ashamed. But they are over it now and have promised each other they won't get into that state again."

Make of that what you will.

UPDATE: Mosshart has issued a statement regarding the alleged fist fight being her and White, saying the report is nothing but pure rubbish. Her statement reads: "I don't usually bother responding to ridiculous fabricated tabloid rumours, but this one is particularly grotesque. The stories circulating from a UK tabloid of a 'fist fight', or Jack punching me, or the two of us 'being at each others throats' are untrue."