Jack White Calls Journalists "The Laziest People On Earth"

Jack White Calls Journalists 'The Laziest People On Earth'
In an interview with, erm, Interview Magazine, Jack White has accused journalists of being lazy when it comes to writing about his band, the White Stripes.

White told Interview writer and, we can only assume, all-around lazy guy, Matt Diehl: "Journalists are inherently the laziest people on earth. Even in the age of Google, they don't do any work to check what they're writing about... It sucks because it affects everything I read now. Anytime I pick up a music magazine, I assume 90 percent of it is incorrect, so I make up my own things to believe. Everyone knows the phrase 'Don't believe everything you read,' but how many people actually practice it?"

We can only hope that in his critcisms, Mr. White included our June cover story on the White Stripes in the ten percent of what he assumes is correct.

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