Jack Splash feat. Kelis "In the Future"

Jack Splash feat. Kelis 'In the Future'
In music's digital era, liner notes may not be ingested with as much scrutiny as in the past, but rest assured, Jack Splash's track record boasts an impressive list of established and underground collaborations. Alicia Keys, Cee-Lo and current Internet darling, and Beyonce's sister, Solange are among those who have benefited from his studio tweaking.

Having carved out a career as a respected producer, Jack Splash is once again ready to assume centre stage. Splash fronted endearing leftfield soul outfit Plantlife with his unvarnished vocals (see the beguiling "When She Smiles She Lights the Sky") and is now readying himself for his 2010 solo album Technology and Love Might Save Us All.

While his full-length album collaboration with Cee-Lo yet to drop, his music in the meantime continues to progress from its organic roots on the evidence of his eccentrically funky Heir to the Throne Vol. 1 mixtape, which shouts out everyone from Little Richard to late Slum Village MC Baatin in the song titles. "In the Future," his collaboration with noted calcium advocate Kelis, rides warped staccato keyboard riffs to soundtrack an impulsive casual encounter as the duo engage in some flirty banter. How regal.

Download Jack Splash and Kelis' "In the Future" on its own here, or as part of the Heir to the Throne Vol. 1 mixtape here.