Jacaszek to 'Glimmer' on New LP

Jacaszek to 'Glimmer' on New LP
If you're looking to expand your sonic palate into new directions, look no further than Polish experimentalist Michal Jacaszek, who more commonly goes by the mononym Jacaszek. His latest album is called Glimmer, and it will arrive December 6 via Ghostly International.

According to a press release, this new long-player "is marked by a noticeable tug between melancholy and beauty, like it's hovering in some gaseous grey area between both, at once both insular and extroverted." It will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats.

Of the title, Jacaszek explained, "I tried again to create some fragile beauty glimmering behind the veil of reality. I built a kind of curtain out of dirts and fuzzes, and used pure sound of clarinet and harpsichord playing beautiful melodies as a contrast to its harshness."

There's plenty of electro-acoustic beauty to be found in the album cut "Dare-gale," which places delicately tinkling instruments atop a eerie bed of murky synth atmospherics. Part ambient, part avant-garde, part baroque, this is some intriguing stuff.

Download or stream the song at the bottom of this page, and sample the entire album over at the label website.


1. "Goldengrove"
2. "Dare-gale"
3. "Pod Swiatlo"
4. "Evening Strains to Be Time's Vast"
5. "Seiden Stille"
6. "What Wind-Walks Up Above!"
7. "Only Not Within Seeing of the Sun"
8. "As Each Tucked String Tells"
9. "Windhover"

Jacaszek - Dare-gale by ghostly