J Mascis, SoHo Ghetto and Flying Lotus Lead Our Music/Video Roundup

J Mascis, SoHo Ghetto and Flying Lotus Lead Our Music/Video Roundup
We know it can be difficult to kick-start your week, so we dedicate Mondays to recapping the past week's most popular album streams, singles, music videos and more from our Music/Video section in the hopes of helping you find the right music to get you through the day. Today's Music/Video roundup is stacked with picks to satisfy all your music and video cravings; scroll down to see what's, and keep an eye on our Music/Video Section for more goodies every day.

First up is a stream of Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J Mascis' new solo album, Tied to a Star. If you were a fan of the semi-acoustic stylings of his Sub Pop debut, you'll want to hear what his second offering has in store.

Next, take a moment to listen to the theatrical new SoHo Ghetto record a day ahead of its release date; Thou or I or Both draws delightfully poppy influences from the much-loved music of the '80s and '90s. Hear it in full at the link above.

Get a taste of Flying Lotus' upcoming record with "Moment of Hesitation," a jazzy new single featuring Herbie Hancock. It's sure to get you pumped up for You're Dead!, which comes out on October 7. Then, watch Pimpton's period-piece video for his track "All Men Are Mortal." It features the Regina MC in the Civil War-era Southern United States, while the song depicts his goals, struggles and the power of music.

Finally, catch up with Grimes in the sandy desert with her video teaser for her single "Go." The single was originally written for Rihanna, but now she's pairing it with a video that's all her own; watch the teaser to get a taste of what the full version will look like.

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