Islands Share New Song "Set the Fairlight"

Watch a video for the band's new 'Islomania' single
Islands Share New Song 'Set the Fairlight'
As previously reported, Islands are about to return with a new album called Islomania. Ahead of its arrival, they've shared another new tune.

The track is called "Set the Fairlight," and it's arrived via a new music video that you can view below.

Of the track, the band's Nick Thorburn shared the following statement:

This was the last song made for the album, written and recorded during the pandemic. I suppose it's vaguely about the feeling of anxiety and fear brought on by COVID. There's separation (by a cemetery wall — grim!), isolation and the desire to reach out and touch someone. None of these themes were calculated or laboured over, though. Like most of my songwriting, I kind of let the subconscious take the wheel. I find I get to more interesting places when I'm not trying to steer the metaphors.

Watch the video for "Set the Fairlight" below.

Islomania arrives on June 11 via Royal Mountain