Interpol Lose Dave Pajo, Reveal Another New Bassist

Interpol Lose Dave Pajo, Reveal Another New Bassist
Moody rockers Interpol are going through yet another lineup change. The band posted on their website yesterday (February 27) that bassist Dave Pajo has left the band. While Pajo, who had been playing live with the group recently, may not have been as flashy as original Interpol four-stringer Carlos D, the former Slint/Zwan member will be missed by his now ex-bandmates.

"Dave has decided to step out of the spotlight for a spell, and will no longer be touring with Interpol. We're all friends. It's just an Out-of-the-hotel, Into-the-home sorta thing," Interpol said in the statement. "He's going to be missed to be sure. Aside from being an exceptional musician, Pajo is a wonderful person to be around."

An accompanying message from Pajo dated February 20 explains that there is no big drama behind his decision. He just needs to take a break to focus on his family.

Head here to read both Interpol's and Pajo's full statements about the lineup change.

The group won't be short-handed for long, as they've already found Pajo's replacement. The low-end duties will now be handled by Brad Truax, who has a pretty impressive resume to date. The musician has collaborated with Gang Gang Dance, Animal Collective, Cass McCombs and White Magic, among others.

"He's got taste and he's got chops. And that's what we want," Interpol said of their newest member.

Truax's first gig with the group will be this Thursday (March 3) in Hamburg, Germany. You can find the rest of their tour dates here.