Interpol "What Is What"

Interpol 'What Is What'
Following the release of their recent El Pintor LP, New York indie-pop mainstays Interpol have shared a B-side cut.

The song is the B-side to the band's new single "Everything Is Wrong." In order to hear it, however, you have to go here and type "everything is wrong" into the website, which will grant you access to the B-side "What Is What."

The launch of the single coincides with the arrival of a new Interpol-themed mural in Brooklyn from iconic artist Shepard Fairey. In a statement, Fairey described his intentions for the mural:

The lyrics to "Everything Is Wrong" are open to interpretation, but whether the song is about hard living, relationship failures, wear and tear on the environment, or an empire mentality, regret for poor decisions seems to be the theme. I decided to explore the idea of being complicit in a personal relationship or a relationship with a system that one realizes is unhealthy. 

In addition to the digital download available now, "Everything Is Wrong" and "What Is What" will be available on a limited 7-inch single this spring.

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