Indian Handcrafts "Worm in My Stomach" on Exclaim! TV

Indian Handcrafts 'Worm in My Stomach' on Exclaim! TV
When Barrie, ON duo Indian Handcrafts roll through town, you can expect things to get loud. The noisy rock duo recently rolled through Toronto on their current tour, where Exclaim! caught up with them to film a live session.

Below, watch Indian Handcrafts pummel through "Worm in my Stomach," a track from their latest LP, Civil Disobedience for Losers, in cozy Toronto bar Unloveable. The propulsive rhythms and speedy guitar riffs demonstrate that although their line-up is small, their sound is large.

Civil Disobedience for Losers is out now on Sargent House.

Filmed by Dan Tahmizian & Tiana Feng
Sound by Bryan W. Bray
Edited by Tiana Feng