The Indelicates

"New Art For the People"

BY Cam LindsayPublished Mar 15, 2007

Though they’re currently making hearts pitter patter here in North America after signing to Interscope, the Pipettes don’t float everyone’s boat. Namely Miss Julia Indelicate, who not only was once a member of the Pipettes, but also the co-founder with Monster Bobby. She’s now moved on to her own project (with spouse Simon), the ever-so-candid Indelicates. Praised for their 2005 single "Waiting For Pete Doherty To Die,” the band express themselves with razor-sharp wit, satirical narratives and socially mindful anthems for Britain’s disaffected youth. The fact that it’s unmistakably twee in delivery yet filtered through feedback and snarls makes it all the more beguiling and, most importantly, distinctive.
The Indelicates "New Art For the People"

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